A Remote Physiotherapy Service 

We have opened up a new and exciting way to deliver our physiotherapy service.  Ideal Physio will now provide a remote physiotherapy service through both video and telephone consultations.  These sessions have already proved to be invaluable for both existing and new clients.




How will this remote service work?


The initial consultation will include a series of questions, which will help us to understand all about your problem.  You will then be taken through a series of specific movements and tests, which will allow us to manage your issue accordingly.  Once this assessment has been completed you will then be provided with a detailed treatment plan, which will consist of a specific exercise programme and the appropriate advice needed.     



Are you still unsure?


Ideal Physio does pride itself on the provision of excellent hands on therapy, but we can still help you achieve your goals through our telehealth service.  We can fully understand any reservations you may have about this new service, so we welcome you to experience a free 10-minute taster session either by video or telephone consultation.  



How to book a consultation:


If you would like to book a remote consultation or require any further information, then please get in touch.