Our Services

The services we provide at Ideal Physio include


Sports Physiotherapy


At the Ideal Physio Clinic we see a wide range of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, whether that be an acute injury or chronic condition. Ideal Physio prides itself on conducting a comprehensive assessment to achieve an accurate diagnosis and provide a detailed treatment plan specific to you. Listed below are some of the conditions we see in the clinic and the treatment techniques available.

Conditions We Treat

Back Pain

Neck Pain & Headaches

Sport & Exercise Injuries



Pre & Post-Op


Ante & Post Natal Problems 

Treatments Techniques


Manual Therapy


Exercise & Sports Rehabilitation

Kinesio & Traditional Taping


Postural Alignment




Acupuncture is a complementary therapy, which involves the insertion of fine needles into the skin surface at specific sites in the body to provide a therapeutic effect. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for acute pain, chronic pain and specific soft tissue disorders.    


At Ideal Physio all our physiotherapists practicing acupuncture are AACP qualified and registered members.


Sports Massage


Often through physical activity and sport our soft tissue can be become tight and tense. Sports massage can be an effective treatment in alleviating this stress and tension, by manipulating the soft tissue and helping to restore it back to a healthy state.


Kinesio & Traditional Taping


A variety of taping techniques can be used to provide joint and ligament stability, reduce stress to injured structures, aid muscle activation or correct alignment and movement patterns. 

Occupation Health &

Ergonomic Assessments


At Ideal physio we deal with all musculoskeletal work place injuries and specific ergonomic assessments. If you feel that your posture and work place set up needs to be assessed then we can help.


MOT Assessment


If you require either a full body MOT or the assessment/treatment of any specific issues then Ideal Physio can provide a service that is tailor made for you. You don’t need to be in pain to come and see us at Ideal Physio, as prevention is a far better than the cure. Why not book is for an MOT screening session, which can fully assess your flexibility, strength, balance, biomechanics and functional movement techniques.




Pilates is based upon providing a spinal and lumbo-pelvic stabilisation effect through the activation of specific core stability muscles to promote a controlled movement pattern. Pilates is a key component of physiotherapy practice for many musculoskeletal conditions especially back and neck pain, pelvic and hip disorders. Pilates can also be used as a preventative form of exercise to increase strength and control around the spine, pelvis and hip. At Ideal Physio we have Pilates trained physiotherapy instructors to ensure a safe, specific and correct one to one Pilates session.