Case Studies

Karate World Champion

In June 2019, Kat Fewster won 2 golds and 1 bronze medal at the Karate World Championships. 


This was an incredible achievement, especially how on 21/03/18, Kat suffered a skiing injury.      


Below highlights how Ideal Physio supported Kat and helped get her back to full fitness so she could compete at the World Championships. If you'd like to learn more about our approach and services, simply get in touch today.

What Ideal Physio Did


  • The patient injured the right knee, which an MRI scan showed to be a large lateral menisus tear, with an osteochondral defect.


  • The patient had a right knee operation on the 09/05/18 (arthroscopic surgery, which involved a menisectomy and microfracture).


  • The patient was then placed into an extension knee brace and was non-weight bearing using elbow crutches for 7 weeks.


  • The patient attended the first physio consultation 01/08/19.


  • Physiotherapy treatment involved a progressive rehabilitation programme, which focused upon restoring full range of motion at the knee and achieving maximum strength at the lower limb, hip and core.  Once this had been achieved a more functional plyometric programme was introduced in preparation for a return back to karate training.


Kat was an absolute delight to work with, showing a great work ethic and a real drive and determination to return back to Karate.  Well done Kat, what a fantastic achievement!

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